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Welcome to the "RODENTZONE"
A Rescue Shelter
Welfare service: Online Soon
& Adoption centre for Rodents

No more will pets be abandoned

or heaven forbid, become reptile food,

just because their owners are no longer 

able to take care of them.

If for some unavoidable reason you 
have to give up your beloved pet, 
now you can rest easy and know that 
there is a place for them to go.

Where possible all rescued pets are found good homes.
If this is not possible they stay at the shelter to live out
their lives in peace, with the love of people 
who want them and genuinely love rats & mice.

*None go as feeders*  

Back to the Nest: Home
To the Litter Bin: Babies available

For more info contact the "Rodentzone" at 2079
Brisbane, Qld 4066