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Issue 1.1 "Meet the new Rats Down-Under"

- FEATURE: "Meet our New Down Under Rats" - ARTICLES: *Tigers. *The Importance of being "Registered". *Guest article/Genetics - The "A" Locus. - REGULARS: Show Results & Report -1st Show The Lab - Case Report "Myco". The Rainbow Bridge.

Issue 1.2 "New Breeds Abound"

- FEATURE: "MANX, Manx & more manx" "Dumbo's" - ARTICLES: *Dixon's Story. *What's Bugging your Pet. *Down-Under Berks Report. *Responsible Breeders. - REGULARS: Show Results The Lab - "Milo" a preventable case. The Rainbow Bridge

Issue 1.3 "Tis the Silly Season ! "

- FEATURE: "Cage design Special - ARTICLES: *Manx Rats. *Blaze rats in Oz. - REGULARS: Show Results (last two shows) The Lab - SDA virus in rats. The Rainbow Bridge

Issue 1.4 "Blue Rats"

- FEATURE: "BLUE BASICS" - ARTICLES: *Sphynx Mice. *How Could You. *Harvard Animal Law Course. *Cool Rats. - REGULARS: The Lab - Respiratory toxicity of Cedar & Pine. The Rainbow Bridge  


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